Management of Risk

We believe risk and its ‘Safe and Effective’ management should be considered key
to the responsible way in which we; PL Civil Engineering have chosen to perform.

An integral part of the way in we operate is that at all stages of our decision making we take time to proactively identify and consider the detrimental impact any resulting hazard may have on people, our operations and the environment as a whole.

As a result of applying this logic, the management systems we have developed and implemented, and which are in turn supported and applied by well-motivated, and well-qualified personnel; serve to both safely and effectively mitigate any resulting risk to acceptable and tolerable levels of exposure.

It is we believe through the identification of ‘Hazard’, and the subsequent ‘Determination, Eradication or Reduction’ of ‘Risk’ that all our lives and well-being shall be assured, and the environment in which we live and work shall become a much safer and pleasurable place to be.

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